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2020 & 2021 and now 2022 have been difficult years for the construction industry and all types of businesses within the UK and abroad.  It’s been a challenge to keep on top of the fluctuations in prices across the board and minimise the impact on our customers. 

During this period Electrafence were committed to working with its customers to establish key factors which impacted on the safe working practices and look at solutions to improve the working environment and efficiency of fence and gate installations.  We also had to be mindful of the potential cost of these improvements at a time where managing costs is one of the factors uppermost in company director’s minds.

With these factors in mind Electrafence had two key installation improvement projects which started in 2019 and have now concluded.

Fencesafe E

Working with one of our key suppliers CLD Fencing Electrafence developed a suitable temporary fencing system which has been accepted by National Grid as a preferred method of maintaining site security and integrity during onsite construction works.  This is a non-ground intrusive fencing with or without a Gallagher electric fence system which has applications in a variety of security settings. The benefits are:

  • Quick installation process
  • Reusable Product
  • Available to hire
  • More environmentally friendly to install than a dig in fence
  • More secure than a temporary barrier of Chapter 8 Barriers or Heras fencing
  • The fence security and electrification system can run independently on its own system or integrated into a suitable existing system on site.

The image below shows how there is a safe working environment between the existing fence and the temporary fence with gates which protects the assets and main site.  This short video shows how non-intrusive and how efficient the install process is.


Pre-cast cill beam blocks.

The installation of fencing cill beams sometimes known as anti-burrow beams has always been labour intensive, physically demanding and a weather dependant process impacting on program achievement and costs as projects progress.  Electrafence have been reviewing the installation process for several years working with its approved construction designers to develop a more efficient, cost effective and safer way of installing the cill beam.

Electrafence now manufactures its own pre-cast cill beam blocks which have been approved for installation on two existing National Grid Fence & Gate installation projects and approved for future key installations. The key benefits are:

  • A more environmentally friendly install process with reduced timber waste
  • Reduced manual handling
  • A quicker install process
  • The Installation process can still be carried out in adverse weather conditions when temperatures are low

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